LF Atom balm deathless w/ rad damage

Lemme know what you’re looking for specifically. Most likely at this pt I’ll have it.

Add me on PSN : MLFGC

You got a skullmasher asa 200%

Got a couple skullmashers but not w asa

You got any Craps? Lf these:
50/150: Shock, Fire, Radiation, Cryo
Splash: Shock, Fire, Cryo, Corrosive
300/90: Shock, Fire, Cryo
SNTNL: Shock, Fire, Cryo, Radiation, Corrosive

Got that skullmasher if you want it just lemme know

I actually don’t use that gun sry homie.

No worries, just got them elsewhere. But i do have the atom balm you lf. If you dont get one before i get home from work i can send it your way.

Thanks man :metal:

Yes I do my psn is curtis2cool