LF Atom Balm Otto Idol or Victory Rush

Level 57 stats that I’m looking for:

  1. AOE Damage 40%
  2. Radiation Damage 20%
  3. Heavy 20%

Combination of 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 plus a random stat is welcome as well

Happy to trade for something that you are looking for. I have a bunch of meta M10 weapons and god-roll Bounty Hunter mods to offer.

What is your stat for God roll hunter com?

you have an atom balm to trade?

28 wd | 11 jakobs wd | 51 jakobs crit
32 splash | 35 heavy | hp regen
35 smg | 32 splash | 21 weapon crit

LF Hunter 35 smg 32 splash damage 21 crit
Offer you Atom Otto rad dmg AOE dmg 50 mag.
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Please send FR

sounds good! sent you a friend request

psn: WhoNeedsThumbs


sent as well. thanks for the trade!