LF: Atom Balm Otto Idol w Good Rolls

Tons of Items to trade! Let me know what your looking for!

Have many of them.

LF: Last Stand Loaded Dice with HP regen and Mag Size or Gamma Burst Infinity in Shock.

Im interested in the first and third one for sure!!

Unfortunately i don’t have either of those

Got any X6 Dictators?

You can add me and I’ll help you out.

PSN jorgeammo

Ill add you in a few and let ya know. Pretty sure I have a couple x6’s

Hey jargoammo do you think I could have one of those atom bombs aswell, the one in the first picture

lemme get that atom balm with mag size, i have x6 dictators for zane in all elements

I’ll be on tomorrow. Been waiting for the level cap increase to get on. I’ll mail out artifacts.

I don’t need anything. I’m probably going to dump all my guns on one of my consoles and start new.

Really wish we had a timeline to expect level cap increases.

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