LF Atom Balm Otto Idol?

Have plenty to trade name your price! Screenshots would be cool too!!

@reierje what you want to trade

Any annointed Shredifiers?

Unfortunately not i dont think buddy let me look in bank, not got one pal sorry :frowning:

Annointed cryo Butcher or Conference Call?

Most of what i have is here *NEW* Quiixotiic's From Pandora with Love Store! {CLOSED FOR RE-VAMP}
Also have: 200% melee Brawler Ward
300% Dmg Facepuncher
Recurring Hex Radiation
Mirvtacular Hex Shock
Amara Mods

@reierje just got a 250% phasecast shredifier?

Interested in that Facepuncher. It’s 300% after Action skill?

After Phaseslam yes

Groovy! Add me psn rei2k