LF Atom Balm Otto Idol

Please let me know if you have or know where to farm for it

I have this but I’m looking for gamma burst weapons if you have.

I can look once home what o have. Be about 3 hours. Anything in particular?

Prolly for Maggie’s, dictators, or an exploding sickle with rad damage. Others would be fine but that’s what I’m looking for atm.

nuclear sickle?

Yes, couldn’t find the right word haha

I have. Been on in two hours?

I’ll be on.

PSN: HyperTraceur

i got one with 40% ammo mag and 21% cooldown I think if needed.

To trade or free?

I got small wants list which is just like:
cyro shreddifier
shock shreddifier
corrosive fearmonger
shock fearmonger
cyro fearmonger
shock bone shredder (its a blue gun)
radiation bone shredder (its a blue gun)
though any will do doesn’t have to be anointed as normal will do!

Still have that atom balm relic? I have Cryo fear monger, maybe even anointed

my wants have now updated as got all Halloween junk (only use cloning grenade mostly if any) but currently after icebreaker victory rush with okay perks and think i do.