LF Atom Balms & M10 Unseen Threat (20K damage; 4mag) - 300%/90% or ASE 100% | have other unseen threats to trade

Have other unseen threats to trade or some of the other meta M10 weapons/anointments. lmk

Unseen Threats that I have:
300%/90% (6mag)
ASE 50% cryo
ASE 50% rad
Rakk attack 100%
Healing pool
airborne 20% fire rate
digi swap 130% dmg
and probably more that aren’t that great.

also happy to trade any 2 unseen threats above for a lv57 atom balm otto idol/victory rush (heavy dmg, AOE damage, radiation damage) — idk if that combination is even possible? lol

been grinding for days but not getting the specific ones i want :neutral_face: