LF babymaker ++

Hey guys, im looking for cryo, fire and corrosive babymaker with homing mirv.
Got a good amount of other legendary.

Any particulars on anointment? I have corrosive with Terror crit.

no, actually not. the only usefull would be weapon dmg after swapping with my clone.

would take it if you dont want/need it. what do you need?

No worries, totally understand when only certain anoints are an upgrade. That said, it’s part of my trading pile, and this is my wishlist;

Shields (terror ammo regen, if possible with ‘turtle’ modifier +capacity -hp): stop gap, recharger, whiskey tango foxtrot (min. 8.5k), messy breakup (GenIVIV unique)

Guns (terror extra projectile): The freeman, Jericho x2, Lump x2 (purple rocket launcher), the boring gun, Q-System x2 (purple assault rifle)

Guns (terror damage & fire rate AND/OR extra projectile AND/OR +50% cryo): Hellwalker, Cutsman, ten gallon, faisor, tk wave, dictator, rowan call, lucian call, fearmonger x8, Smartgun XXL (Gigamind unique)

Mod- Executor, Antifreeze: grenade damage, action skill cooldown, any other buff

Aritfact- Snowdrift Splattergun: grenade damage, action skill cooldown, any other buff (including movement speed)

I never realised that i barely drop terror anoitments.

The only weapon i have with 50% cryo dmg is a non elemental lyuda after action skill ends.

So i just dropped the q-system with projectile terror anointment (885x2 damage) without element.

Was lucky i found it under this pile of loot.

Interested in q system extra projectile. Hit me up on psn Amishmingle_com