LF backburners and red fang

Hi guys I’m looking for m10 backburners with 150 rad anointment as well as a new red fang with good damage passives. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for, my psn is Gerbasauruz, thank you!

Got a M10 fire backburner 50/150. Do you have any of the new takedown gear?

No unfortunately haven’t got any new ones yet, thank you though

Do you have any other 50/150 gear?

Sure, opq, yellowcake, reflux, monarchs, other stuff in my vault. What are you looking for?

Kings call, queens call, dna

I’ll have to check but probably not

There are many others I need, let me know what you have I am sure you must have something I need

What knd of wpn do you want on a red fang

mostly weapon damage and crit damage but im open to the third, maybe assault rifle or something else. Did you just want 150 rad stuff? I can go check what i have in a second

Yes pretty much need 50/150. Have a red fang with shotgun, 51 hyperion crit dmg and 51 jacobs crit dmg. Also have one with smg, wpn crit dmg, hyp wpn dmg.

Thats ok thanks though. In 50/150 I have yellowcake, opq, x8 monarchs, x14 reflux, hellshock, grease trap, night hawkin, rowans, trevonator, x2 recursion, krakatoa

is the rowans call M10 and does it have an element?

they are all m10 and its rad

OK that works for me, the back burner fire for the rowan"s call, I’ll send you a friend request

Sure thing buddy

Backburner sent, thanks for trade