LF Band of Sitorak lvl 53

I’m looking for this shield. I’d preferably want the Zane SNTNL anointment. I have a lot to trade so just let me know what you’re looking for.

i have the level 50 version for zane if that helps.

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Thank you for the offer. Really just looking for lvl 53 gear.

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I should have a snowdrift Victory Rush LV 53. Mag Size, Shotgun, and Reload spd

Looking for LV 53

ION Cannons X2 in Fire and Corrosive anointed 125% Splash, 160% Splash, or SNTNL Cryo

Craps and Infinity Pistols with good anointments

Also looking for a LV 53 Marathon Stop Gap with either cooldown or elemental Damage

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I have the shield

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I just need the sitorak shield now. Thanks to everyone getting back so fast!

I have two x2 cannons but they’re non-elemental. One has SNTNL and the other has 125% to badass, named, and bosses.

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Sure I’ll trade you for the SNTNL.

PSN jorgeammo

I’ll be on later tonight.

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Do you have a it’s piss with 25% damage anointment.

Yes I have it’s piss OGT

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Sent you FR.

Should be on around 7:30 central

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Kool. I’ll be here.