LF Band of Sitorak (or similar shield with low capacity) with movement Speed while sntnl is aktive

Like the title says I’m looking for a Band of Sitorak (or similar shield) with 18% movement speed while sntnl is active.

I got an annontied shield I’ll trade for a redistributor sntnl annontied

Can’t use that because of the „while full, Shots Drain 30% Shield for 20% Weapon damage“
But thanks mate

Ok all good.

@Anstettlu13 I think I have a recharger with SNTNL if that would work?

Can you send pic ?

@Anstettlu13 sorry it’s a front loader. I have a digi clone recharger. Here is a pic.

Na sorry mate mot what I’m looking for but thanks !

something more like one of these?

Na sorry my bad I should have been more specific about what I’m looking for.
But thanks mate

I have a SNTNL movement speed rico on my zane. Haven’t got to try it out yet though

Think I got it. What you looking to trade?

let me know what your looking for I will check what I can do for you.

Have a lot of 100% ASE guns
And a lot of 50% ASE shields and grenade mods
Including a great Rico Roll with 50% fire on ASE also It’s Piss with 25% when thrown

Spiritual driver, seeing Dead, Rakk Pakk coms

Some Zane Stuff like Redistrubiotor with 50% cryo while sntnl is active.

Let me know mate

This is exactly what I’m looking for

I’ll be happy to swap that redistributer you mentioned

Wiffo83 is my ID. Got no idea on how to add friends or swap gear though lol.

Added you @Wiffo83