[LF] Barrier anointed Maggie [COMPLETED]

I’m looking for a Zane anointed Maggie. The specific one I’m looking for is increase accuracy and critical dmg when barrier is active.

I have a too much gear to list so if you have the Maggie I’m sure I will have something you can use.

I’ve got this

Do you have any While sntnl is active +50% cryo stuff?

Or alternatively any Terror annointments? (Shelds and Greandes mainly)

This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. You are about to make my build and my day!

I’m pretty sure I have the gear you are looking for and on the off chance you get it before you see this response there is always marriage. I’m a great cook! :grin:

I’m also studdugie on Epic. Send me a friend request and let’s make the magic happen.

Are you Walthare on Epic?

I am not, I’m Hobbocop on epic

I accepted your friend request.

I just want to publicly announce that the transaction was successfully concluded and to say thanks again to filipba for sharing his god roll Maggie with me.