LF Barrier crit or SNTNL anointed smog (any element) + Seein dead w/ bonuses to splash and shotgun damage

I have other guardian takedown weapons to offer including:
Kinetic Smog (100% Rakk attack)
Fire Smog (Fire next 2 mags)
shock Web Slinger (100% Weapon damage)
Corr Globetrottr (Cryo next 2 mags)
Cryo Globetrottr (Shock next 2 mags)

I just wanted to wish you luck on scoring a good Seein Dead com. Ive farmed hundreds of drops from Jackbot and only once did I ever get a good roll. It was back when 57 was max level and Im still using it.
Ive literally spent entire days torturing myself farming Jackbot for a good Seein Dead com and its been nothing but a complete and utter waste of time.