LF: Barrier60/70 anointed cryo Lucian's Call

Looking for exactly this one, preferred with boath buffs on the item-card (+26% Weapon-damage & +33% Weapon-Firerate) but anointment & +33%Firerate would be also fine.

Please no other offers, someone might think the SNTNL100 anointment is better on it or anything else. That’s all fine, but I allready own nearly all other versions (Anointments) of the gun and search for only exactly the described one.

I’m pretty sure I have something to trade for it (have over 1000 anointed regular guns, terror not included, shields+COMs+Relics might be also 1000+ items)

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I have this one

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Perfect, exactly that one I’m searching for.
What do you like to have in exchange?

That’s super nice :slight_smile: