LF Battleborn friends pve and pvp

Psn is DRMurkinU main ISIC (PVE) and Mellka (PVP)

I’ve been trying to get a bunch of people to play with so I’ll drop my PSN in here too: SirIsaacNewbton. Right now, I can pretty much play anyone except Boldur. I’m still working on getting comfortable with him. Also, I should note that I’m EST in the US.

my psn is MCFC_Fan6

Go ahead and add me. I am always looking for chill people to group with. Psn:TehSilentHumper

Feel free to add me as well! I’m on Pacific Standard Time.

PSN ID: delcynn

add mcfc_fan6

add me Psn: StylnOnU
I main Ambra

PSN: Vinxxs
I play PvP, and im pretty good

Psn Lleed add me


Add me please