LF Bear Trooper with IB rolls and artifact for IB

Just trying to optimize my Iron Bear build to the max; I do have a lot of stuff so feel free to ask. Thanks Vault Hunters!

I have the god roll IB Bear trooper set up mate. I’m away for now but happy to kit you out with what I have.
Action skill damage, action skill cooldown, max health (more armour) and 5 points into SSB.
Shield is a multivitamin plus ultra and artifact perfect too.

Thats awesome! Thank you so much my psn is LGRG90

Best you send me the invite plus the reminder message. Cheers.

Ok will do thanks!

I cant find your psn

It’s a hyphen.

i tried that and still nothing. do you maybe have it private or something like that? try finding me

any chance you have a snowdrift with incendiary dmg; splash dmg; health or movement speed also im looking for a raging bear com with action skill dmg, splash dmg etc. basically anything to power my iron bear damage up

I can help with the raging bear. Element damage rolls on artifacts do not transfer to IB. AOE will.
I have a good artifact to help as all 3 rolls transfer to IB.
I am away for over a week though.

what?? i didnt know that! thanks for the info and help, its terrible trying to farm a raging bear com

Weapon damage roll does not transfer either.

ok does the victory rush dmg affect IB?

I can’t confirm. I believe the bear ran faster at times but woukd need to check.

Mailed 2 items

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