LF Bear Tropper COM with 2~3 stats, Deathless Artifact


I’m looking for a Bear Trooper COM with no points in Grizzled and these stats:
Weapon Damage
Grenade Damage
Action Cooldown Rate

I really need an upgrade to my level 48 one but it’s been impossible to find (1 Grizzled, +Grenade Damage, +Action Cooldown Rate).

Also if you can spare a good Bloodletter (2 Thin Red Line, 3 Desperate Measures or 4+ Desperate Measures) with +Weapon Damage please do!

I got a good cutpurse deathless or a elemental projector deathless with 40% magazine size, if u can find me a Facepuncher that apply terror on melee I’m your men :wink: