LF: Bekah I have corro lucian w/ 50% cryo while sntnl active

I have other stuff too, tell me what you want!

Some stuff i have…

image image image Uploading: B6996582-B25B-4189-BFAA-0851195693A6.jpeg…

I have an extra Bekah, would take it for the Lucky Cheap Shot Executor class mod!

GT is adrunkenmess1

Is it annointed? can you send pic?

Artic star helix cold I need plz gt Outlawkillerz let me know what u want

Any annointed of:

king/queens call

Got king and queen for artic helix and lucian call Corrosive gt Outlawkillerz I’m on now

Ok on one. I dont need both a king and queens call. anything else?

Nope I take artic if u need which call ?

What is annointments and any elements?

King call fire 125%

sending now