LF Bekah max level

LF Level 72 Bekah, any anointment will do, higher damage then better :wink:
Will be happy to return favour.

Hi. Don’t know if you have it yet but I have a Bekah. Level 72.
It’s yours if you want it.

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Already have it but thx anyway :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Chris13Wilt You still got that Bekah? I would love to have it. I have tons of great stuff that I would be happy to trade you. GT: Los Serpientes.

Hi. Yes I still have it. Don’t suppose you have a torrent going spare? Not fussed about the X2 as it goes through ammo too quick.
If not you can still have it anyways

Sent you the Bekah :slight_smile:

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@Chris13Wilt Oh cool, thank you!

Yep, absolutely I have several decent Torrents. I think the best couple are corrosive but I might have some other elements that are not as well-anointed. I will be glad to send whatever you want. I know for sure I have one corrosive with the ASE kill anoint and one corrosive with ASE radiation. I think both are x2.

Hi. Not that fussed about annointments. Don’t suppose you have a radiation or electric one do you. Not fussed about a x1 either as they go through ammo like crazy.
If not just send any you like as I haven’t any ATM and I don’t play arms race.
Many thanks buddy

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It will be later this evening (US east coast), will send it your way.

Sent you a rad version. I have others too (infernoe and corrodoe) if you are looking for another. I don’t really use them so I would be glad to send.

Hi. Thanks for that. Would gladly take either of the others if you don’t mind.
Many thanks for that!!!

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@Chris13Wilt Sent both of those your way.