LF bekah to trade

Want a bekah willing to trade I have
Anointed laser sploder corrosive while digi clone is active regenerate 12 of magazine per second
Anointed hellshock while barrier is active SEC increased by 50 percent
Anointed super ten gallon after using rakk attack gain 25 percent critical hit damage
Anointed Malaks bane incendiary on ASE weapon accuracy and handling increased
Incendiary handsome Jack hammer
Anointed wagon wheel after phasegrasoing weapon accuracy and handling greatly increased
Speedloadin hellwalker on ASE weapon status effect chance and damage are increased by 75 percent
Thermaboric minesweeper moze mod 31 percent shotgun damage 149 health regenerate 24 percent magazine size
Cryo queens call
Radiation rowans call
Radiation brawler ward 300 percent melee damage 2 percent max health per second 25 percent weapon damage
Cryo brawler ward same stats as above
Singularity firestorm
Regular firestorm
Mirv widowmaker

If you aren’t looking for you don’t care about it being anointed or not, I have a non-anointed QuickDraw bekah with 23% reload speed and 6.5x weapon zoom.

I’ll take it what do you want for it

how about the Otto idol

No worries what your GT I’ll add you


If you want to send me an invite I’ll come drop it in your game

Alright getting on now.

Thanks and hope you can use the other gun too.

Thanks a lot chum had a spare wagon wheel for the siren so thought you could use that aswell