LF better Elemental Projector Victory Rush / have trades listed in post

My EPVR kinda sucks with +19% cryo damage 149 health regen + ignite chance, looking for something that will actually benefit, like weap dmg, +health + shields, reload speed, anything really that is better than the one I have

For trades I have

have perfect recursion (shock/cor 100 ASE) and great spiritual driver (+25weap +31 shotgun) Have cutsmans with 100 ASE or 250 cast, laser sploders, recur hex with corr ASE, transformer w fire ASE, maggie 100 ASE, brainstormer 100 ASE transformers

PSN vaior ( i not L ) looks like Valor

I have two EPVs with:
+40 mag size, +149 health regen, +33% AOE damage
+16% Incendiary damage, +26% weapon accuracy , +40% mag size

If either of interest – maybe your Brainstormer with 100 ASE

Add me I’ll send you brain stormer, I’ll take the incend/weapon acc/ mag size!

Thank you, want anything else from list?

Psn is vaior

OK, will send friend request (my PSN = bevross). Don’t want to be too greedy but that recur hex with corr ASE sounds good too!

Edit: search found what looked like Valor. Hope it’s you! Otherwise send FR to me.

Accepted! I’ll send both!

Cool – I sent both artifacts, too.