LF Big Boom Blaster, Moze COMs, Baby Maker, Jericho, Trans-Fusion Grenade

Hey I am looking for the following items, let me know if you can help!

-Big Boom Blaster shields. Preferably with a high capacity or good bonuses.
-Moze coms with good rolls. Looking for a Bloodletter COM with +2- or 3 in Thin Red Line or Desperate Measures.
-Baby Maker’s in all elements
-Any Jericho rocket launcher
-Trans-Fusion Grenade mods


I have an extra Jericho. I’m looking for melee Amara items (especially ones with the after phaseslam +melee damage bonus).

I also want laser-sploders in rad, Fire, or Cryo.

Do you have anything along those lines?

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Yes I do. My GT is legend of river

OK. Happy to trade the Jericho for a laser sploder; if you were planning on sending some kind of melee Amara item, I’m looking for specific things:

Brawler Ward with + melee damage after Phaseslam anointment

Psycho stabber with + melee damage after slam anointment

Breaker COM with Find Your Center and + melee damage.

Once you confirm what you’re sending I’ll send you the Jericho by the in-game mail system :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a few good bloodletters you wouldn’t happen to have a redundant brainstormer w/ +50 ele dmg
Or a Zane executor w/ weapon dmg ,assault dmg ,smg dmg ,weapon Crit dmg,action skill cool,weapon mag
Or a ice breaker artifact w/ cryo dmg/efficiency or any of the above rolls

I just have the Fire Laser sploder I believe. I’ll DM you once I have sent it

That works. I added you on live. Will send the Jericho once I’ve finished up the quest I’m working on (it’s on a different character).

I think i have a shock baby maker, I need ice breaker otto idol with cooldown rate

Hey, sorry I don’t think I have anything you need :frowning:

Unfortunately I don’t have an ice breaker otto idol

Do you have a shock handsome jackhammer? I have a couple of baby makers + blood letter coms + a boom blaster shield