LF Big Boom Blaster Shield / ammo regen terror

If anyone got it I will trade anything I can for it

Thanks alot for the help!

I don’t have one with the terror annoint, but this literally just dropped for me. You can have it if you want it

I really need one with ammo regen on terror sorry… Still looking for one so bad

I have a transformer with ammo regen when terrified.

I also have Transformer with regen ammo

Bump really need this shield to try my build

image have these two

PM’ed you

No reply from darkarrow325 … still looking for that shield!

I’m looking to get any shield or grenade with terror ammo regen, I’m a bit of a collector so I’ll trade anything for either a shield with the anointed terror(ammo regen) or grenade with the same?

I have a BBB with terror ammo regen

would you trade for it?

Do you have an electric redistributor with sntl cryo anoint?