LF: binary mocking cutsman shock SNTNL 100 cryo. Trade list below

I have the shock bonus cryo cutsman. PSN: TheNimbusKid

Not mocking but I have this one.

Binary mocking ?

Hi I have that one buddy its the mocking one I need

Lemme check


Nope, unescapable. I do have all redistributors in sntnl though, notice you’re missing the cryo one and corrosive one, maybe we could work something out?

Ok buddy just let me know what you want for them

Lemme get your ase 100 one pump chump and your snowdrift otto idol with mag size, health regen and action skill cooldown rate. psn: TheNimbusKid

No problem adding you now

I got a shock rowan’s call with SNTNL as well, can i trade you that for your cryo sntnl infinity?

Yes ok


Sending now

Thank you

What’s your psn again?

Send me a message on PSN please

MrMan4Twenty I’ll be back on soon

I have the Shock Binary Mocking Cutsman with the SNTNL 100 Cryo if you’re still looking for it. I’d be interested in trading it for your Corrosive Binary Mocking Cutsman with the SNTNL 100 Cryo since that’s the only Cutsman element I can never get to drop with that particular annointment. PSN: ShinRyuuZero

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