Lf bladed grog nozzle

If anyone has a bladed grog nozzle from the loot hunt to trade I have lots of legendaries and pearls

I have a Lvl 72 bladed Grog nozzle I’m looking for the following:

Practicable Butcher with hyperion/Jakobs grip, hyperion/Jakobs stock, Torgue sight, (Fire)

PSN :KelsoHi2

Thunder I may have, do you need at 72?
And I have bladed at op8 if needed

I am also looking for a Grog Nozzle at op8. My PSN is: JESTINGOGO

I’m looking for a op8 bladed grog and a op8 love thumper I have lots of pearls and legendaries as well as other gear to trade. Psn: kimple99