LF Blast Master w/Splash Dmg Bonus

I’ve tried farming for this for days and I cannot get it to roll Blast Master (lvl60) +28% Splash/.+25% Weapon Dmg (not as important to me as the splash bonus) for Moze. Would greatly appreciate if anyone has one to spare!!

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I have blast master with 33% splash damage, 37% weapon handling and 12% jackobs weapon damage,any good?

Yes that’s perfect!!! Thank you so much. My gamer tag is: XdArkN0mAdX let me know if you need or want anything! I have most everything for Zane, and a good amount for Moze; and pretty much every gun from DLC3!

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Any good root or light show would be great buddy. I’ll jump on shortly and send you the blast master :grin:

Thank you!! I have tons of Roots/Light Shows; anything specific you’re looking for?

100ase,300/90 or 200ase would be great

I have a Root Cryo/Incendiary 100% ASE; a Corrosive 300/90 Light Show; or a 300/90 Rad/Cryo Root (all m10, lvl 60 ofc)

The 300/90 rad/cryo root sounds nice buddy

Alright man it’s all yours! Thanks again for helping out!

Thank you too dude. And your welcome no problem at all :grin: :yum:

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Crap what was ur GT? I didn’t look at it before I read the mail

Jk it’s literally in ur name on hERE LOL my bad I’m stupid

Ok sent it! Thanks :-))))

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Lol easy mistake :yum: