LF Blast Master

LF a Blast Master that will pair well with grenades, splash dmg, or SMG dmg if anyone has any spare they could send me. Just cant seem to get one to drop.

If you have anything you’re after, I can check later this evening when I get off work, and see what Ive got to send back.

I’m looking for any weapons that boost damage while sntnl is active

okay sounds good, SNTNL, ill see what I can find. I only play Moze, no other characters, and I feel like last week i cleared up the bank and ditched a bunch of stuff that didnt have anything related to Moze. Some may have slipped my OCD cleaning spree.

The only items for Moze I would be looking for would be God rolled Green Monster Mods.

Heavy Weapon Damage, Splash Damage, Splash Radius, Weapon Damage, Grenade Damage, or Shotgun Damage.

Some combination of that.

Green Monsters I have a nice little stock pile of. ill see which of those i have that match up to what youre after when i get home later. I feel i should have something for you.

I don’t seem to have one like you’re after. I’ll keep my eyes open though.

Ice, I just scoured my bank, couldn’t find of them. Sorry m8

no worries. you said you only used More, mind if I ask what anointed Moze gear that you have?

Well tbh, I haven’t gotten to a good point yet to really focus on anoints, just a mix and match of stuff like increased damage to whatever after skill end. Running a bottomless mags build until I can round up stuff to dive into a grenade/blast master/bottomless mags type build. I’ll keep my eyes open for sntnl stuff and send any over I get, you’re welcome to add me.

So if I understand you right, you need this com to help farm for better gear?

Lol you could say that, if the build works out. Throw mirv homing grenades for heals, blow stuff up with ion cannon, and my kybs. Having a hard time as moze surviving m4 on my current build without any real sustain. Takedown end boss is suicide going bottomless mags and my cutsman build.

whats your psn please?

jordancole20 (creative right?) :joy:

I sent you a few things and don’t be surprised if I send you a few more at another time

Wow thank you ice. You now have a Zane anointed farmer working for you haha. I’ll send any Zane anointed stuff over I find.

Anything else to keep an eye out for?

Sounds great thank you so much. That ion cannon is unreal.

You’re welcome, I would not have most of the gear that I use right now if it wasn’t for the kindness of others. I know what its like to need better gear so you can farm for better gear :wink:

Well it’s much appreciated, should be able to smash some stuff now. Expect random mails. Shoot me a msg if you have anything you’re after, I’ll gladly check or keep an eye out