LF blood letter class mod for moze

I need a specific rolled mod. One with two points in phanlax doctrine and three points into desperate measures or high. The rolls I’m looking for are weapon damage splash damage and mag size increase. Let me know what your looking for I have a lot of annointed items for moze Zane and flak and several good ones for amara to.

Damn that’s specific. Took me ages just to get one with out thin red line haha

Lol I know it is but trying to do a certain build


Good luck

If you are trying to exploit the level 1 stop gap I have one without trl with splash damage and regen.

If not the best I’ve seen without trl is wep Damage, wep crit, and Mag Size. +3 phalynx and +2 desperate measures.

No glitches just looking for a certain one. Just trying to find one to complete this splash master build joltz did the other day.