LF Bloodletter and Cutpurse Deathless

I’m looking for a Cutpurse Deathless with +mag, grenade damage, weapon damage preferably or at least +mag.
Also, a Bloodletter with at least two in desperate measures with +mag, grenade, splash, or weapon damage preferably or at least one of these.

Items I’m willing to trade for it:
Dastardly Maggie 250% Phasecast
Dastardly Maggie Extra charge rakk attack
Cryo Crossroad 250% Phasecast
Terror crit Shock Binary Cutsman
Terror reduce damage Corrosive Binary Cutsman
Terror ammo regen Fire Dictator
Fire/melee Unleash the Dragon
Gamma burst 65% Pestilence
Bonus Cryo Pestilence
ASE 100% weapon damage Pestilence
Smg/AR/Jakobs Crit Friend Bot
Weapon Damage/Mag size/AR Red Fang
Corrosive Extra Rakk Attack Lucians Call
100% Damage Rakk Attack Fire x2 Lyuda
Cloning Ghast Call unannointed
Terror crit Speedloding Hellwalker
Terror ammo regen Re-charger
432% crit unforgiven
Extra projectile terror corrosive defrauding fearmonger
Phaseslam 300% Transformer
125% Splash fire/corrosive westergun
Crappy Driver class mods
50% Cryo Terror Dictator
Non-annointed 300% Brawler Ward
Shock Stone (80% Shock to melee) White Elephant 40 mag/-30 Shield Delay/27% Melt chance
Non-annointed Shock Mirv Hex
Non-annointed Cryo Mirv Hex
Purple Ice Breaker artifact 17% SMG/40 mag/21% AS cooldown
ASE 100% Jericho
Cloning cryo hunter seeker terror reduce damage taken
Shock Stuffed Lump Terror ammo regen
Willing to trade two, MAYBE three. Constantly updating with new stuff.

What element is the dictator

The 50% cryo has no element