LF Bloodletter (can trade Deathless)

I am need of the bloodletter class mod to complete my Immortal Moze Build. I have 2 deathless artifacts, and would be willing to trade 1 for the mod. (the other I need for my build, obviously)
I also have 2 other legendary class mods for Moze (Bangin’ Bear Trooper, and Megaton Mind Sweeper), 6 legendary shields and 5 legendary artifacts.

I recently messed up, and discarded all 40 of my legendary weapons and grenade mods (including Flakker, Butcher and storm front) so would be willing to trade all of those for any halfway decent guns, or all of them for a relentless hex grenade mod (level 50 of course)
(not including deathless, I want to save that to trade bloodletter, so I will only trade that for bloodletter, but would trade everything else for 1 level 50 relentless hex grenade mod, or halfway decent artifact gun I can use to begin farming graveward again)

I’ll list everything I have here, just in case this actually works

Level 50 class mods
Bangin’ Bear Trooper, gunner class mod, item level 521, - 50% fuel use, +50% iron bear duration

Megaton Mind Sweeper, gunner class mod, item level 521, landing a critical hit has a 25% chance to drop a micro grenade that explodes after a short time

Level 50 artifacts
Hot drop deathless, item level 456
Rear ender rocket boots, item level 456(

Level 50 shields
Supergiant nova berner, item level 476
Riposte Impaler, item level 476
Improved re-router, item level 471
Resonant back ham, item level 471
The transformer, item level 466

Level 49 artifact
Atom balm white elephant, item level 447

Level 49 shield
Punching bag stop-gap, item level 467

Level 48 artifact
Shock stone Moxxi’s endowment, item level 438

Level 35 shield
Fallout Red Suit, item level 341

Level 30 class mod
Reactive raining nimbus, siren class mod, item level 341, whenever Amara first damages an enemy with her action skill, she creates a damaging cloud of her action skill element at that location, cloud damage +25/ sec

What type of deathless artifacts do you have? I have an extra lyuda and blood letter both lvl 50. The deathless that I have is melee lifesteal so it’s ok, just curious if there’s better out there.

Probabbly should of mentioned that part huh :sweat_smile:. I have 2 (my own, and my spare)
The Caustic Coast Deathless:
Imbue slide with corrosive
Bonus damage 50% corrosive
Shard fire rate 10%
+17% Sniper damage
+27% ignite chance
+29% radiation damage
Slide kicks up corrosive shards that explode on impact

Hot Drop Deathless
Imbue slam with Incendiary
Slam bonus damage +88% incendiary
Slam radius +28%
Fireballs 5
+14% weapon reload speed
+27% melt chance
+25% melee damage
Slam launches incendiary projectiles that spawn magma puddles

I’d happily trade either one for the lyuda and bloodletter. The caustic is good for farming graveward with Sniper, and the hot drop’s slam AoE is pretty impressive, as is the extra reload speed.

Would you be up to that trade? If so, would it be some particular time and day, or right now?