LF Bloodletter Class Mod for Moze. H 6-MIRV Cryo Hex

Preferably with something like Splash/Grenade damage, radius, etc. Let me know what you’ve got.


Name’s Milliny on Epic, but send me a message here with your name so I know who to accept.

Epic : d.CRISTIAN.b





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Do u still have this class mod and wanna trade it? @eaglles


Looking for mirv hex too, 6 grenades

happen to be looking for anything else? i believe i have some anointed stuff for moze but i will have to check when i get home. i am very interested in one of these grenades

Let me know when you get home, we may work something out.

epic name?

My name’s Milliny, just as I said in the original post. :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought i had more but just the 1 :frowning:

Hey, i’m interested for this mod too. Have a lot of item to trade
My EGS : Mouzy_Peasy