LF Bloodletter class mod (particular rolls)

I’ve already got a pretty good one, but I’d love to have one with stats in weapon damage, splash damage and at least 2 points in Desperate Measures. Anybody got anything like that? This sort of thing would be ideal: Screenshot_20200219_201436

I do for level 50 possibly. Don’t recall how many points in desperate measures.

Weapon, splash, smg

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Wonderful, that sounds great. What’s your PSN? Lv50 is totally fine with me.

PSN is jorgeammo

I’ll be on in a few hours.


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Just realised this should also be really nice on my Iron Bear. The weapon damage and splash damage should both compliment my rockets.

I was browsing through old mods and also found one with splash, splash radius, weapon damage but only +1 in desperate measures.

SMG works well for me since I use Kybs so often.

I’ll be on tomorrow and get it mailed out once you’ve added me.

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Ah, I must have missed your PSN earlier. Friend request sent now, looking forward to getting the item.

I also have a Kyb’s, corrosive/radiation, so I’m looking forward to trying it all out on the DLC enemies.