LF Bloodletter, Deathless, and Hex. See ad for trade items!

Desperately looking for Bloodletter mod, Recurring Hex, and a solid Deathless. Also looking for a blast master mod, but that’s further down the list. Here’s a list of items I have for trafe, if you’re interested let me know. Nothing is annointed unless stated in the name. Xbox GT: Tactigasm

Firesale long musket
Artic Night Hawkin x 2
Cash infused Bitch
Crossroads x 3 (cryo, shock, radiation)
Handsome Jackhammer
Binary Stark Devoted
destructo spinner x 3 (rad/fire, shock/corrosive, corrosive/cryo)

Cocky the Boring gun
Corrosive Trevonator
Deep Dive Face puncher
The Lab
Kill o wisp
Coolheaded the tidal wave

Assault rifles:
Breath of the Dying (corrosive)
Shreddifier (corrosive)
Tamed Barrage
Rebel Yell (shock)
Rowans call (fire)
Disciplined Star Helix
Dastardly hand of glory
Loaded Gatling gun
Polite TKs shockwave

Gunner Annointed Wagon Wheel
All classes annointed Queens Call (radiation)
Oozing Raisens Thorns
Stark sell out
The duc
Unending magnificent
The Companion
Wagon Wheel

Iron Willed Monocle
Cryo high capacity malaks bane x 2 (cryo/fire)
Stark Krakatoa
Expert ASMD

Stuffed Quadamizer

Generator trans fusion grenade

Marksman Whiskey Tango Foxtrot x 2
Champion red card
Backfire red suit
Short boom blaster

Caustic coast static charge
Corrosive stone white elephant
Fire stone loaded dice
Ice breaker launch pad
Ice breaker white elephant
Loot expanding static charge
Radiation stone safeguard
Snowdrift victory rush

Moze; Megaton mind sweeper
Overcast molly rocketeer

Zane: treacherous disastrous executor
Scattered prepped cold warrior

Fl4k: feral prideful red fang

Amara: torturous fitful dragon

If you see something you want to trade let me know. Everything is negotiable.

What kind of hex you need and what are the stats for the Hawkins

Any mirv hex will suit my needs. Nighthawk is

I have a mirv hex for trade for Bloodletter

I have a shock hex, want that shock/corrosive spinner if you still got it, message me, Jedi of Rock is my GT

The shock corrosive spinner is all yours. I’ll mail it shortly. Send that hex my way, GT: Tactigasm

I have 1-2 Bloodletter mods, 1 blastmaster mod, and a couple deathless artifacts but I am at work and can’t check until I get home.

I am looking for:

Cryo Crossroads mainly but all of them eventually
Executor Mod

If you want I’ll trade you all 3 crossroads (cryo, shock, rad) and the executor mod.

Sent the spinner to you Jedi of Rock.

If you were referring to me I would be happy to trade but I won’t be home until around 9pm PST

@sehenry10 that’s fine. I can mail them if you post or message me your GT.

Zombiesomething is my gamertag

I will send what I got when I get home

If I see any other Zane mods I’ll send them your way also.

I have a bloodletter mod for that Zane executor!!!