LF Bloodletter DesperateMeasures Focus

So I was looking for +3 in Desperate Measures and the other 2 points don’t matter so much, nor do the stats.

I am willing to take a purple class mod also, as long as it has +3 Desperate Measures

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I’ve got one with +2 in Desparate Measures and +25% weapon damage as a bonus stat. I know you said they don’t matter, but that’s more than you get from a 3rd point. Also grenade and shotgun damage. Got any Zane Executor mods/annointed items or Ice Breaker prefixed artifacts?

@ewwace I have the exact same one you do haha

I might have an Ice Breaker Artifact, let me see.

I have only been getting gear for my Moze. try to focus on one person at a time but I will keep an eye out for you!
So I don’t have anything :confused: Sorry

That’s alright. Zane is hard to find stuff for

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That’s what I’ve heard but he is soooo worth it

So I have an Ice Breaker Deathless :sweat_smile:

I would like that blood letter if the Reverend doesn’t take it. Have a few of the anointed items and artifacts.
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Sorry bud. That’s the one I cannot use :cry:

So I’ve found a few things. Not sure if they are any use to ya. Sawbar.Zane.Digi 130% damage. Westergun…Zane barrier Rad/Fire/A60C30%. (A)Cryo Malek Bane with 2 mag 50% cryo. Firing up another acct. Think I might have some artifacts as well. If not no worries. Will keep a look out. Have been donating a lot. Like the bonuses on the BL tho. Good roll.
Struck out on the artifacts.

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Will keep an eye out for +3 in DM for ya as well. Like ewwace I have a plus 2.


Hmu for that bloodletter I have the same roll, haku-ice

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+2 is fine with me if there is more weapon damage.
Just tell me what you want and I can look and see if I have it or not, or I get one to drop.

That your PSN?

I’m looking for phasecast anointed things, lyuda crossroads and hellwalker are priorities, incendiary preferred

I have a few lyuda’s no crossroads and some hellwalkers

Just looking for 250% anointed phasecast ones but I’m sure we can work something out

Ah okay, I will keep an eye out

Pretty sure Hellwalkers only come with the one annointment.