Lf bloodletter health regen

a bloodletter with health regen with no thin red line i have lots to trade just msg me. or a cutpurse deathless.

Still need It?

I still need a bloodletter with no thin red line and health regen for my Moze if you have one.

I believe I have onw of these

Great, what would you like for it? I have other pieces of the Moze tediore build and other gear.

I have both. Looking for seenin dead 2 on playing dirty 3 on donnybrook with smg and weapon dmg

On my moze I’m running PvP 1 stop gap invinci ility built but my damage is garbage, so anything that you would suggest foe that I would take.

Unfortunately, I don’t.

Do you have the tediore shotguns, facepuncher that applies terror or quickie? What about the loaded dice with health regen or grenade with increased damage and fire rate? I have these for the build.

And do you know the skills and stats on the bloodletter?


Com ahould be in there. I would be interested in face puncher melee terror apply

The only bloodletter I see there has 2 points in Thin Red Line skill and no health regen. Did I miss it? I’m looking for a bloodletter with both +149 health regen stat and no Thin Red Line.