LF- Bloodletter, KYBs, Recursion, Deathless, Butcher, MORE, have stuff to trade

I have 300+ anointed weapons nades mods art to trade. Tell me what you have and what you want and I’ll check on the weekends to see if I have. Thanks.

What I’m looking for.

-Bloodletter (+gun dmg, +splash dmg, +smg dmg) at least 2 of those
-Bloodletter (+gun dmg, +shotgun dmg, +hyperion dmg) at least 2 of those
-Deathless (otto idol, ice breaker, flesh melter, snowdrift, last stand, others) + need to be dmg, mag, AOE dmg
-Transformer (ASE 50% bonus dmg)

-Butcher all elements (ASE +100% dmg)
-Recursion x 2 all elements (ASE +100% dmg)
-Lucians Call all elements (ASE +100% dmg)
-Rowans Call all elements (ASE +100% dmg)
-Burning Scoville (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Kyb worth x 3 all elements (exit iron bear +160% splash)
Purple - Protaberance (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-ION Cannon x 2 (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Craps corr (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Devil Foursum shock (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Alchemist (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Ogre (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Flakker (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Scourge (exit iron bear +160% splash)
Purple - Bangstick (exit iron bear +160% splash)
Purple - Quickie (exit iron bear +160% splash)

i have Ogre (exit iron bear +160% splash)
-Kyb worth x 3 all elements (exit iron bear +160% splash)

That’s actually one I’m looking for as well. Have several x2 and only 1 x3 but not anointed.

I have the orge the quicke the bangstick the scovillex2 all with the splash annoiment for iron bear let me know what your offering for trade I need several items for my moze

I have 300+ items I could trade. What are you looking for and I can look this weekend to make sure I have it.

Looking for a good blood letter with no points into red line and weapon damage and splash radius a good kybs worth with moze iron bear splash damage. Snowdrift deathless with spash damage area of effect and magsize. Also looking for a burning scovillex2 with Zane stnl. God rolled phaszerker mod with weapon damage jackobs crit jackobs damage. A band of stiroak with 15% movement speed while stnl is active. I’m sure there is a couple more items I’m missing oh an ion cannon times 2 one in shock and one in corrosive with moze exit iron bear splash damage

Have two different lucians, a flakker and the shield

I have Transformers with every ASE elemental damage buff. I also have a Recursion x2 in Corro/Shock with the effect that you want. I’m LF these following items;


  1. “Dastardly” Lucky 7 w/ SNTL +100% Cryo Damage
  2. Corrosive Dictator x6 w/ RA +100% Damage
  3. “Houdini” Band of Sitorak (Fleet x2) w/ SNTL +15% Movement Speed
  4. Radiactive Recurring Hex w/ OGT +25% Damage
  5. Any Recurring Hexes that I may not own or ones that aren’t listed in my FT list
    Class Mods
  6. Seein’ Dead Class Mod w/ 5 skill points in DB and a roll of Weapon Damage, SMG damage and a random stat
  7. R4kk P4k Class Mod w/ 0-1 point in Head Count and a roll of Weapon Damage, SMG damage and a random stat
  8. Otto Idol Artifact w/ a roll of Pistol/SMG Damage, Magazine Size and Action Skill Cool Down rate
    Class Dependent Items
  9. ANY Top Tier Items for Amara and Moze

hey there, I have a Knife Drain Deathless and a Last Stand Deathless to trade (have to check rolls though)

LF Maggie (501x6 +33% crit or 526x6 +21% crit) Phasecast +250% dmg

I’ll let you know this weekend but I think I have a few of those things. You can add me g1hexatron.

Sounds good. Lemme know if u want me to send the Transformers and recursion once I get home?

I want to make sure I have exactly what you’re looking for first. Just shot me a FR and we can sort through it this weekend.

Okies. Cheers

I have quite a few guns as well. I’m looking for a scoville x2 annointed.

This is what i have doc

This is what i am searching for:
Rowan’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% - coro
Lucian’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% - radiation/electric
King’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (fire and coro)
Queen’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (cryo and coro)
Molten vicious Lyuda 125% more dmg - fire/radiation (higher dmg - i have the one wih 24 magazine and 840 dmg, i need one who have 1000+ dmg with 1 ammo consume and 15 -17 magazine)
Recurring hex electric annointed 25% dmg on throw
Reinforced re-charged with capacity 13411 with annointed on ASE action skill cd rate is increase by 20%
Victory rush artifact with assault weapon dmg, mag size, action skill cd
St4ckbot mod with : Sniper dmg, vladof critical dmg, weapon dmg

My psn : diabolick90