Lf bloodletter mod 4 moze

W hp regen and weapon dmg. Tell me what would u want 4 it. Psn syn_theeo

Hi Adka,

I’ve got some Bloodletters, gotta check if I have one with the right roll though.
Do you have a Kyb’s Worth by chance?

Yo do u have any bloodletters with 3 points in desperate measures and 2 in thin red line

I will check it out later when I get home.

Hey Adka,

I tot this one for you if you want it.

Sorry Cog, I dont think I have one.
Not sure it exists in that combination.

Bloodletters without Phalynx are possible, but extremely rare.

I have seen 3 of them since the game launched.

I had this one, but can no longer find it.

Fck i wouid love the one u showed in this pic. Jeeez

That one is really nice ive got one w/o phalynx . 28 splash and 25 weapon

O_O you foreal?

Yh but no hp regen.

Nah srry it has phalynx my bad

DAMN. Lol i was about to say wtf do u want for it lmao

Sounded like the perfect mod