LF Bloodletter Mod : Last-Ditch Entrenched Bloodletter AND Any Loaded dice Relic with Mag size and Splash damage


I’m runing a stop gap/moze tediore pistol build :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get my hand over a bloodletter mod with weapon dmg or splash damage or mag size but WITH HEALTH REGEN TOO…

ps : MUST not have Thin red line in primary stats, also the more desperate mesure the better.

An exemple of what i’m looking for :


Credit from this pic goes to Joltzdude139

For the Loaded dice relic, anything with mag size and weapon/splash dmg would be good.

I got a few usefull thing for tediore / stop gap moze to trade, just tell me what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Exemple of interesting thing i can trade for :

  • Anointed it’s a piss with +20% dmg and + 25 dmg after grenade thrown
  • lvl 5 first aid stop gap with 5% health regen while shield is full
  • S3RV-80S-Execute with shock
  • Tediore shotgun with mirv
  • Tediore pistol with mirv
  • Chadd
  • Vindicator ghast call nade
  • Blood letter mode with nade/shotgun dmg/ health regen
  • Elemental projector deathless
  • Last stand loaded dice +30% nade dmg +30% aoe dmg
  • Cutpurse loaded dice +32% aoe dmg +12 luck
  • Cutpurse deathless +30 nade dmg + 30 aoe dmg
  • Ice breaker Victory rush +40% mag size +33 aoe dmg
  • Anointed transformer +75% shield after iron bear for 25sec
  • Anointed transformer adding terror for 18 sec
  • Reccurring hex adding terror for 18 sec
  • Anointed Flaker +120% aoe dmg for 18 sec after iron bear
  • Anointed Fearmonger +50% ice bonus while terrified
  • Anointed Luyda 904x2 with fire with +75% effect dmg and chance for a short time

You happen to have a loaded dice with hp regen or any cutsman with ase damage?

I have bloodletter with gun damage. I also need a loaded dice with health regen

Yea I have one i can trade for.

What are the others stats of this blood letter with gun damage ?

I have a blood letter with shotgun damage and health regen too if you rather use the shotgun tediore.

Gun damage health regen and melee damage

It s great even if I m farming a lot and not getting any tediore shotgun :frowning:

I’ve got one with 25 weapon damage 31 shotgun damage and I think e0 grenade damage if you have on ase annoint cutsman or an artifact with elemental projection and decent stats

I can give you a spare mirv homing shock shotgun, since i switched to pistol.

What are the primary stats ?

I cannot use red line and one, desperate mesure and phalanx doctrine only.

What is your PSN id ?
Cutpurse Loaded dice, with aoe damage +33 is it going to work for you + tediore shotgun shock homing mirv.
Or i have last stand loaded dice with aoe and grenade damage.

Got :slight_smile:
-Hasty elemental projector ( health regen and speed movement )
-Ravaging elemental prjector ( aoe damage and shock chance )
-Elemental projector deathless ( regen health, ice resist, rad chance )

What are ase annoint ?

  • got annointed binary mocking cutsman ( 2 next mag +20% critic and speed shot )
  • anointed binary mocking cutsmann ( 2 next mag +40% incendiary )

It has one point in redline. If u need I have a lvl1 stop gap. I can use one point in redline with that. But I need health regen on class mod and loaded dice for health gate because of guardian ranks. My psn is gimn123

I know the problem :stuck_out_tongue:
I already have a stop gap lvl 5 with 5% health regen while full.
So I dont use loaded dice anymore.

But thanks

Hope I will find a loaded dice with health regen someday

I just found a stop gap lvl 1 with turtle. Maybe it will work, but my mod has 3 points in phalanx. Cannot get many kills

I’ll take the cutsman next 2 mage 40% incendiary. Psn DoodleMyPoodle

And ase anoint is action skill end annointments like "on action skill end gain 100% weapon damage:

Sure, just to be sure :slightly_smiling_face:
there is a pic

Looks perfect

Sent :slight_smile:


Any1 for a trade ? I just added some items i can offer in the list.