LF Bloodletter Mod (or purple Low-life) with at least +3 to Desperate Measures skill

This is possibly the last thing I will ever ask for, until the first level cap raise. As always, I’ll trade whatever I have, soul notwithstanding, for it.



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C’mon, there’s got to be some B-lands fans who believe in the eternal value of a human soul? I am willing to trade mine for a small digital product that ultimately means nothing. Think about that.

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But also a bunch of legendaries in my bank. I keep the best version of the 45ish best legendaries I find that seem worth having.

All he wanted was a class mod and the universe would give it to him! Still hard farming the troopers and no luck… Loaded dice my ass


The perfect Bloodletter is BL3’s “94% Sham”

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Thank you Monty but my bro Snap is correct. Despite this week, I have spent dozens of hours farming and basically nothing. Also through personal testing, Loaded Dice (from which I got 5 from from the Mother Snap) and a lot of research, seems to have a great effect on all but bosses/rates. Chests and normal drop a noticeable amount more, but specific items or specific classes from a rare are unaffected.

We’re in the same boat. I have the feeling that specific gear is given drastically lower drop rates than other legendary items. I find the same mediocre stuff over and over again. The really good stuff; is very scarce. I’m still hunting down the “perfect” Bloodletter.

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