LF bloodletter mod, recurring hex, last stand deathless

Have the following for trade:

Lucians call (Fire and corrosive)
Crossroads (fire,corrosive,ice)
Engulfing Shredifier (anointed 25% Crit)
Engulfing super Shredifier (anointed 100% melee)
Laser Sploder (Fire, radiation,electric)
Lyudas (2 reg, 2 electric)
Rowan’s call (Fire anointed SNTNL)
The Duc (2399 Damage)
Speedloadin Hellwalker (anointed barrier active) and (status effect 75%)
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
Cryo stone loaded dice
Firestone deathless
Knife drain static charge
Brawler ward 180% melee (anointed 200% phaseslam)
Rerouter ( anointed Regen 5% health)
MIRV hex (Cryo)

GT: Meester Peenchy

Im getting a bloodletter today that I am willing to trade for your fire Lucian call. If you are interested. Also is your flakker normal/anointed or burning???

I can give you fire lucian for blood letter

Do you also have a hex grenade?

It’s a reg flakker. I’d give you the fire Lucians but looks like Jamie already got to you before I could.

Who is available for the bloodletter mod???

Lucían fire anointed? What’s the zoom on it?

It’s a standard fire lucian, I also have corosive lucian

I have an extra Bloodletter, looking for a Flakker. Or a Transformer.

Are you on now? I can trade

I can be now. UN: Rufus Zombot

Just messaged you

I just messaged you

Just messaged you.

I have a blood letter I’ll trade you for Rowan’s call (Fire anointed SNTNL)