LF: Bloodletter (with SMG-Damage)

I’m mainly looking for one with at least these Rolls on it:

  • SMG-Damage !!!
  • Splash-Damage

Thired Roll I prefere one off the following:

  • Weapon Magazine-Size
  • Weapon-Damage
  • Action-Skill-Cooldown
  • Granade-Damage
  • Shotgun-Damage

Prefix whise I’d prefere a:

  • Last-Ditch Entrenched (3DM/2PD)
  • Fortified Desperate (3PD/2DM)
    but any without 3Points in TRL will work

Pls let me know (DM me or post a pic of it in here) if you have one that at even hardly fits have lot of stuff in exchange.

I have a desperate entrenched bloodletter level 57 with dahl weapon damage 11% jackobs weapon damage 11% and pistol damage 35%. Is that any good?

Its OK but sadly not what I’m looking for, thx for responding anyways.

Just got another same prefix, w weapon crit damage 21% weapon damage 28% and action skill cooldown 35%

Really good rolls, but I really need that SMG on it, got something similar to yours as well.

Cool beans I’ll let you know if I find the smg damage one ur after

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Still searching