Lf bloodletting mod

Hey guys, been farming for this mod for days and no look. Now the latest hot fix has dropped legendaries so low I’m barely getting anything, even with loaded dice and mayhem 3.

Will trade whatever, I have all of mozes other mods and a shed tonne of guns.

Let’s make a deal

Gamer tag: Sgt Akira

do you have infiltrator mod, red fang mod, or breaker mod? I will make the trade for that

or a melee lifesteal relic with action cooldown also.

Wait wait wait, wtf! I did and just went to my bank, which was completely full of legendary and they have all been deleted! Noooooooooo please say this is a big and they will come back

Do you still need a bloodletter

If op doesn’t I could do with one if I have something you need

I’m assuming hes found one it has been a week.

Is there anything you need?

Crossroads if you have a spare. Or lucians call

I have cash infused cross road

What’s your GT


Added you pal. I can send it you in the mail

Sent the gun over :slight_smile:

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Bloodletter also been sent to you