LF bonus cryo occultist and gamma burst stuff

i have some neat gear but i defo want that occultist

also would love fire terminator shotgun with times two and gamma burst and some other gamma burst stuff

and a good red suit 53 lvl maybe

I have a bunch of gamma burst stuff that you can have…

epic id: korben44

request sent

Sweet… Just find me when I’m online…

I also have a rather insane amount of gamma burst weapons because I hoard the crap out of them. If you wanna message me I can send you a list at some point today.

Have lvl 53 cost effective Q sys - 1450x2 with 115% GB damage?

never mind guys there is level cap increase coming in 3 days ^^

Level cap increase date hasn’t been confirmed yet, has it?

As far as I’ve heard, they are just announcing on March 24th the information as to the next level cap increase, along with a plethora of other items of interest. I’d highly doubt they would announce all of this and drop that same thing in one day.