Lf boom sickle please

After farming the warden 1000s of times with no luck. Just wondering if a kind soul would have a boom sickle with 100% weapon damage ase. I have a bunch of different stuff to trade if needed. :smiley:

I have rad, cryo and fire

I’ve been told that Billy the Anointed drops Sickles. I’m going to give him a try as I have also not had any luck farming The Warden.

Bruh… I gotchu if you want rad, cryo or fire 100 ase

100% ase would be great dude

Lol sorry misread what u said cryo please buddy. I’ve also heard the graveward drops them not tried him yet

You on? Just had to restart my xbox cause Microsoft are a thing lol

Not no at the moment buddy

I added you anyway, with the quarantine mess I’ll be on a lot :sweat_smile:

Cool I’ll add you when I’m on too :slight_smile: