Lf Boomsickle , XZ41, have trade list


• Boomsickle corro 100 ase
• Boomsickle rad sntnl 100
• Boomsickle all elements w/ 125 Splash Damage

• Conference Call corro sntnl 100
• XZ41 Fire sntnl 100
• XZ41 Shock/ rad/cryo 100 ase

• Dictator x6 all elements which I dont have
(ase100,sntnl 100)

• Recursion x2 which I dont have
(ase 100,sntnl 100,125Splash Damage)

• Ioncannon x2 All elements w/ 125 Spalsh Damage.

• Lyuda which I dont have(ase 100, sntnl100)


If you are interested in my weapons, give me a DB or FR. Thanks in advance.


Got a 100% ASE corro Reditributor and a Shock/Corro Recursion with 100% ASE. Would love your 100% ASE Wagon Wheel and Rad XZ41 with SNTL anoint if that’s ok ?

Of course,Thank you.
You can add me.(gogosungo)

I have a spooling projectile recursion with Corrosive on ase(rad/cryo)
And a few ase 100% redistributors

Ok add me please. Which one do you want to in return?

I’m interested in the kybs worth with corrosive and 100%ase at least.
I have fire, cryo and rad redistributors with 100%ase I’ll be on in a few hours then I’ll hit you up

Ok no problem.You can choose another weapons and just let me know.
Thank you in advance.

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I’m interested in your cryo 100% ASE Boom Sickle, I have a Cryo 100% bonus cryo XZ41 in return. Also interested in your shock SNTNL Boom Sickle too, I have a rad gamma burst boom sickle in return for it if you’re interested, otherwise PSN: TheNimbusKid.

I will add you.

Cool, i’m on right now

I’m interested in your Fire boom sickle with 100 ase I …I do also have a sntl lyuda but it’s non elemental doesent specify which your looking for but if you are interested

I like lyuda,add me gogosungo

Ok cool I added you