LF Bounty DLC weps

Major targets are

ROBINS CALL x16 with 200 ASA or CH
LIGHT SHOW 200ASA All elements
Flipper All elements Consecutive hits or 50/150( if this can come in splash ill get that)

I have 2 Flipper with Splash ( Cryo - rad ) and ( Fire - Shock ) if you are interested

And CH ( Fire - Corro ) , sorry i forget this one

Hell yea bro. What a,…weps you looking for:? or coms…or artifacts

Now i’m looking for : Bloodletter with good roll , Snowshoe Action skill Trigger effect , Old God Rad/Fire/Corro , Plaguebearer 150/50 , Backburner Fire/Corro 150/50 and Cutpurse launch pad Heavy weapon and Mag size

I have many old god( rad and corro sure, maybe fire)

Just got a Flipper 150/50 shock and corro btw

I want all your flippers lol… I ahve God roll bloodletters ill add you and send you

The old gods i have aer lvl 57. And i have a cutpurse launchpad

Add me ( Snaky_hilarious ) i take what you have i’ll give all the Flipper you seek tomorrow