LF: Bounty Hunter Class mod and Iron Bear Class mod

Bounty hunter with base weapon dmg and pistol dmg

Iron bear class mod with base weapon dmg and smg damage.

I have plenty to trade to in idle x6 dictators for sntnl and all redistributors for sntnl with 49 rounds. Other noteworthy items include skeksils with phase cast and skeksils with sntnl. Have plenty of god roll class mods as well

Which iron bear class mod, there’s 3…

One of these

here is all i have
maybe you find something. i have 2 bounty hunter, are not exactly god rolls
psn: diabolick90

Can you show me please?

In the link from my previous post its the description of it with its perks.

I have a god roll bounty hunter

Mind if I see it bro?