LF Bounty Hunter com

looking for a bounty hunter class mod for Fl4k with both weapon damage and magazine size. I also would like a lydia fire rakk attack, ase 100% damage or 125% splash

I have some gear for each but have most gear for Zane sntnl so let me know what you are looking for.

You end up getting any of this?

I got a bounty hunter but not with those stats that I wanted and that’s a big no on the fire lyuda.

@Ice-T I can check tomorrow if I got one for ya ice

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I’ll have a fire lyuda tomorrow Ill swing you

excellent, thank you. So excited I forgot to ask what you want in return?

I wasnt after anything. Finding the couple of things I’m after no one has


Thank you very much!

Just noticed its a 125% percent named enemy haha

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