LF Bounty Hunter Mod lv 65

LF Bounty Hunter mod with , Shotgun Dmg, Weapon Dmg, Jacobs Crit Dmg,

willing to trade any or all of the following all are Mayhem 10

Unforgiven ASE 100%

Warlord ASE 100%

Rad Rowan Call Gamma Burst

Hellwalker ASA 200%

Monocle ASA 200%

Fastball ASA grenade 150%

Fastball ASE 50% Corrosive

Bounty Hunter 32% Wpn Dmg 40% Sniper 13% Dahl

Fire Cutsman connesctive hit

If you haven’t found Stopgap with ASS, I can help you with it tomorrow.

ive been farming that and the Bounty Hunter Mod would be appreciated

I feel ya. I have been grinding for 3 days with 8 hours of sleep total just for a Corrosive Messy Breakup with ASS. I’m too tired to exist right now but just leave your psn and I will send Stopgap when I awake.

well i just got stop gap with ASS lol

Nift. Glad you found one.