LF Brainstormer, Conference Call +1% damage consecutive hits annointment

As the title says. Need these for some experiments with Moze. Accidentally got rid of mine while purging my bank… Don’t care what level.

Epic: Cat_Thulhu


Does it have to be consecutive hits anoint? I got a redundant BS with 50% ase.


Have any of these @ 53, Barrier or STNL:
-Rowan’s Call (Radiation)
-Scourge (Fire, Corrosive)
-Queen’s Call (Cryo, Radiation)
-Flakker (Radiation)
-Craps (Fire, Corrosive)

Edit: I also play Moze…got Moze stuff at 53? I’ll take jus about anything with splash

Yes, that. I will check, I’m positive I have stuff for you. I’ll be on in a couple hours.

Epic: Cat_Thulhu

Turns out I actually found a Brainstormer last night.

Still looking for Conference Call or Rad Redistributor with consecutive hits annointment.