LF Brainstormer with 15% lifesteal ASE

I have some gear to trade.

I have one I’d trade.

Do you have any annointed Kyb’s, Redistributors, an x2 shock Ion Cannon with Splash annoint or ASE Element Transformers? Otherwise anything else you have with good rolls?

Nope my best Ion cannon would be an 2x 21k dmg non-elemental one with 300% phaseslam

I’ll trade for it, my epic is Prismatic_Me

Request sent

I’ll be home in an hour so. And send the Brainstormer across.

I have a SNTL/cryo rad Redistributer.

You have my attention, is there anything you’re looking for?

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A bunch of stuff though none of it is required to get the gun. I’ll post my list when I get home. In the meantime you can send me a FR.